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evergreen monoecious coniferous trees or shrubs: cypress pines

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The sites were located at the base of the hills within the transition zone between woodland, growing on the rocky hill slopes, and the Callitris forest on the plain.
Efficacy of botanical extracts from Callitris glaucophylla against Aedes aegypti and Cules annulirostris mosquitoes.
forbesii, 2001 Cypress-pine Blue, Callitris hugelii, 180 60 50 253 [star] 1975# Cyrilla Swamp, Cyrilla racemiflora 51 44 30 103 var.
Woody plants included species of Acacia, Athrotaxis, Areca, Brachychiton, Caryota, Cocos, Callitris, Casuarina, Dacrydium, Eucalyptus, Lophostemon, Litsea, Metroxylon, Melaleuca, and Syncarpia.
subglabra Aegiceras corniculatum * Ajuga australis * * * * Alloteropsis semialata * * * Alphitonia excelsa * * * Alstonia constricta * * * Araucaria cunninghamii * Atriplex nummularia * Baumea rubiginosa * * Bruguiera gymnorhiza * Bursaria spinosa * * * * Calamus muelleri * Callitris spp.
The forest comprises a mosaic of woodland and open forest communities with various Eucalyptus, Angophora, Corymbia, Callitris, Allocasuarina and Acacia species and is significant as one of the largest surviving woodland remnants in the Great Dividing Range western slopes bioregions.
forbesii, 2001 CYPRESS--PINE Blue, Callitris 180 60 50 253 hugelii, 1994[DELTA] CYRILLA Swamp, Cyrilla 51 44 30 103 racemiflora var.
The hook, carved from a prong of hard wood (Acacia), was fitted to the shaft, lashed with sinew and reinforced with spinifex (Triodia) or Callitris resin.
The test plot is situated in an open Callitris glaucophylla J.
populnea and Callitris glaucophylla woodlands with an understorey of Acacia deanei and Calytrix tetragona located in the western parts of the Nature Reserve north from Woolshed Flats.
forbesii, 2001 CYPRESS - PINE Blue, Callitris hugelii, 180 60 1994 ([DELTA]) CYRILLA Littleleaf, Cyrilla racemiflora 33 21 var.
In Western Australia, the conifers are represented by only nine species in two genera, Actinostrobus and Callitris.
The Rock Teatree gave way to Paperbark Melaleuca ericifolia, Smooth Teatree Leptospermum laevigatum and Cape Barren Pine Callitris rhomboidea in the deeper soil just west of the edge of the outcrop.
Semi-arid woodlands are characteristically dominated by trees other than eucalypts, notably Belah Casuarina pauper, Buloke Allocasuarina luehmannii, Slender Pine Callitris gracilis and Sugarwood Myoporum platycarpum (plant nomenclature follows Walsh and Stajsic 2007).