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Synonyms for callisthenics

the practice of calisthenic exercises


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light exercises designed to promote general fitness

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Goal ball, swimming, callisthenic, and running were other routine sports.
Children's activities included callisthenic exercises and an obstacle course, followed by a refreshing dip in the pool.
The smiles on their faces as we talked to them were very rewarding." The children's morning school activities included callisthenic exercises, races and an obstacle course, followed by a swim in the pool.
The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of relations between body composition parameters and lung functions including VC, FVC, FEV1, FEV1/VC, FEV1/FVC after 6-months callisthenic exercise program in healthy women.
(10) Mobility impairments require appropriate interventions as well and may respond favorably to PNF, neurodevelopmental treatment approaches (NDT), callisthenic exercises, music therapy and the use of verbal, auditory and tactile stimulation.
Classical Yoga is not practiced as a callisthenic, but as a preventive and curative system integrating body, mind, and spirit.
The home programme included the following: stretching of the hamstrings, quadriceps/hip flexors and calf muscle groups; strengthening of the knee flexor/extensor, ankle plantar/dorsiflexor and hip flexor/extensor muscle groups by means of callisthenic type exercises that could be done without any apparatus; and proprioception done by means of the stork stand on a plank of 2.5 cm wide for 1 minute per leg.
it reminds me of her deftness at all word worlds-crosswords, Scrabble, the early A's she earned in Latin; it strikes me as a kind of callisthenic, but more than that: an expertise.
The athletes performed a number of feats including orchestrated callisthenic maneuvers, formation of human pyramids, and clambering up steel pipe frames.