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The hardness value was not be detected, which reasons were that water-contain of Begonia masoniana, Callistephus chinensis leaves was excessively high and epidermal hairs non-smooth structure of leaf surface disturbed badly.
150 phyllostachys pubescens Begonia masoniana -- -- -- -- Callistephus -- -- -- -- chinensis Syringa oblate 145.
99 paperback) will be your ideal companion to these free-flowering perennials from North America ( not to be confused with the annuals, callistephus or China asters ( but a huge range of types from little alpines to tall borders plants.
What are generally thought of as asters are in fact China asters, Callistephus chinensis, which are half-hardy annuals.
Callistephus (China aster) takes its named from the Greek kallos meaning beauty and stephos, a crown - supposedly referring to the shape of the seed.