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Studies on the growth and yield parameters of different genotypes of China aster (Callistephus chinensis Nees.)*.
Black plastic mulch on flower production and petal coloration of Aster (Callistephus chinensis).
Annual herbs (Callistephus chinensis, Begonia masoniana) leaves contained a mass of water, which suface hardness was small as shown in Fig.2(f) and Fig.2(b).
Callistephus Asteraceae Eurasia chinensis (L.) Nees.
99 paperback) is about the Michaelmas daisy types from North America, a huge range from little alpines to tall border plants - not to be confused with the annuals, callistephus or China asters.
If that is your ambition, too, The Gardener's Guide to Growing Asters by Paul Picton (David & Charles, 160pp, pounds 12.99 paperback) will be your ideal companion to these free-flowering perennials from North America ( not to be confused with the annuals, callistephus or China asters ( but a huge range of types from little alpines to tall borders plants.
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