Callisaurus draconoides

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swift lizard with long black-banded tail and long legs

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lutzae is, in general, more similar to the one observed in the lizards described by Irschick and Jayne (1999), particularly, Dipsosaurus dorsalis and Callisaurus draconoides. Certain particularities are common, such as the digitigrade posture at footfall and throughout stance; trunk angles; and tail posture.
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-- The behavior of ten Callisaurus draconoides in a 20 [m.sup.2] enclosure of natural microhabitat in Baja California Sur, Mexico, were monitored five days prior to and during a total solar eclipse on 11 July 1991.
The zebra-tailed lizard, Callisaurus draconoides, is a medium-sized (55-75 millimeters snout-vent length) inhabitant of North American deserts (Asplund, 1967; Vitt and Ohmart, 1977; Stebbins, 1985).
Ten adult Callisaurus draconoides from this desert scrub habitat were placed in a 20 [m.sup.2] enclosure (of similar habitat) surrounded by a metal wall 40 centimeters high.
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