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small genus of North American herbs having usually red or purple flowers

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Pierre-Henri Larcher, Histoire des amours de Chereas et de Callirrhoe, Traduite du Grec, avec des Remarques, Paris: 1763*.
--Reissued as Les amours de Chereas et Callirrhoe, Traduites du Grec de Chariton, avec des remarques, par Pierre-Henri Larcher in 1797* in the Bibliotheque des romans grecs, traduits en francais, Tome VIII.
Nicolas Fallet, Les Aventures de Chereas et de Callirrhoe, traduites du grec par M.
(4) See Andrew Eastham, "Bacchic Transference and Ecstatic Faith: Michael Field's Callirrhoe and the Origins of Drama," Women's Studies 40, no.
Callirrhoe, meanwhile, had been lending her favors to the amorous Zeus.
Callirrhoe: dangerous maenadism "Before the bar of Time this poem pleads guilty to
of the verse drama, Callirrhoe (1884), are the first published utterance
Bacchic priest Coresus desires Callirrhoe, a Calydonian maiden devoted
Opposed to the strict [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] of Anthia and of Charicleia stands the ambiguously portrayed chastity of Callirrhoe and of Leucippe.
The last and most attractive part of the paper opposes Chaereas' melodramatic laments to Callirrhoe's more profound ones, which are appropriate to her character.
And, despite its flaws, Bellerophon can be seen to mark the beginning of a transgressive Dionysiac creed that would be more successfully elucidated in Callirrhoe.
Published in 1884, to considerable critical acclaim, Callirrhoe tells the story of the erotic conversion of a virtuous virgin.
Weinstein, 'Chariton, Chaereas and Callirrhoe', in Oxyrhynchus Papyri 41, London 1972, 14: "There is not enough space for [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] either at the beginning of 23 or split between lines 22 and 23.
Mare Acidalium began to fade, at least in the south, about Jul 8, but the detail surrounding it was still clearly evident on (for example) Akutsu's Jul 15 images (especially in the infrared), Tan's of Jul 15-24 (Figure 11) as well as later images and drawings (Figure 9K), though all became very faded south of Callirrhoes Sinus.