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The use of carrion as breeding sites by the blowfly Lucilia sericata and other Calliphoridae.
Tommy Atkins', nos Estados da Bahia e Pernambuco, observou varios insetos que visitaram as flores, mas os mais importantes foram moscas de diversas familias: Calliphoridae, Chironomidae, Dolichopodidae, Milichidae, Muscidae, Otitidae, Sarcophagidae, Syrphidae, Tachinidae, Tephritidae e Tipulidae.
Eight families were found at Tabi, but not at Kiuic: Sarcophagidae, Ropalomeridae, Drosophilidae, Therevidae, Ceratopogonidae, Sciomyzidae, Calliphoridae, and Platystomatidae.
Between the fall of 2001 and spring of 2002 mitochondrial DNA was isolated from at least 12 adults from three species of necrophilic flies from the family Calliphoridae (Calliphora vicina, C.
These insects are highly predictable as larvae," says Hall, noting that certain insects, especially blowflies of the family Calliphoridae, typically discover and lay eggs on fresh corpses very soon after death, and these eggs develop into adults on predictable schedules.
A study conducted in southern Ohio placed swine carcasses (14-18 kg) in the field and showed significant seasonal differences in abundance of specimens from Calliphoridae (i.
2) Flies that cause myiasis are grouped into three families: Calliphoridae (blowflies), Sarcophagidae (flesh flies) and Oestridae (bot flies).
For example, fossilized Diptera of the family Calliphoridae have been found in association with Pleistocene mammals from Argentina, and represent an example of an ancient cadaveric decay assemblage (Petrulevicius, 2001).
Adult Calliphoridae, Hippoboscidae, Muscidae, and Sarcophagidae were collected from forests, zoos, ranches, and farms (Table).
To determine whether spiders feed on carrion, we fed them flies in the families Muscidae, Calliphoridae, and Sarcophagidae.
The Tabi site, however, reported 8 additional families: Sarcophagidae, Ropalomeridae, Drosophilidae, Therevidae, Ceratopogonidae, Sciomyzidae, Calliphoridae, and Platystomatidae.
Arthropoda Adults Larvae Insecta Calliphoridae Phormia regina (Meigen) 13 Cimicidae Cimex pilosellus (Horvath) 20 6 Dermestidae Anthrenus sp.
4 Dixidae 3 Chaoboridae 4 Ceratopogonidae 1 Chironomidae 3 3 Simulidae 11 7 Anisopodidae 1 Bibionidae 10 15 Mycetophilidae 3 Sciaridae 54 94 Stratiomyidae 1 17 Rhagionidae 4 Cecidomyiidae 3 Scatopsidae 2 Asilidae 2 Empidae 7 Dolichopodidae 11 6 Phoridae 10 15 Pipunculidae 3 Otitidae 7 4 Syrphidae 34 36 Sciomyzidae 1 Sepsidae 2 Tephritidae 1 2 Psilidae Lauxaniidae 5 6 Chamaemyiidae 1 1 Piophilidae 1 1 Heliomyzidae 1 1 Chloropidae 18 43 Anthomyzidae 6 Agromyzidae 12 10 Ephydridae 16 10 Milichiidae 2 15 Drosophilidae 9 4 Anthomyiidae 5 4 Muscidae 7 12 Tachinidae 4 5 Calliphoridae 1 2 Sarcophagidae 2 Lepidoptera 0.
Species from at least 23 dipteran families exploit carrion as a food source, of which Calliphoridae, Sarcophagidae, Muscidae and Fanniidae are the most important (Savage 2002).
If present, adult muscoid pest flies (house flies, Musca domestica; stable flies, Stomoxys calcitrans; and blow flies, Calliphoridae sp.