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(Greek mythology) the Muse of epic poetry

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a musical instrument consisting of a series of steam whistles played from a keyboard

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Built and 100% operated by spriteCloud B.V., is a unified software test results dashboard that consolidates JSON and XML test results from tools including Cucumber and jUnit, makes test results understandable for any person within the organisation and allows results to be shared across entire teams.
A power and cost efficient solution like the Sequans Calliope platform is well positioned to lead this space.
Also certified by Verizon Wireless is a Calliope-based module, the VZ120Q, a surface-mountable LGA module based on the Calliope chipset platform, which includes RF support for LTE bands 4 and 13.
The Calliope finally reveals herself and explains that something about the "Supernatural" musical play attracted her attention.
In the novel Middlesex Jeffrey Eugenides describes a person, Calliope, who was raised as a girl, but, at puberty, started to realise that all was not well.
"Calliope's Diary" rolls together a story told in an intriguing way about the lives of the everyday, modern woman and her daily challenges.
Other tenants new to 45 Main Street include marketing companies, FSL Media, Inc., and Ologie LLC; and graphic design firms LLC, Riss Design LLC, Strut NYC, Ltd, Freshthrills, LLC and Smoke Creative, LLC.
Set in California and in Greece, Calliope is a young woman who doesn't realize the odyssey that awaits her when she journeys to Greece to spend the summer with her beloved Grandmother.
In this retelling of the myth from Ovid's Metamorphoses, noted YA author Cadnum (Starfall, The Book of the Lion) relates the story of the famous singer Orpheus, son of the muse Calliope, who falls in love with the lovely Eurydice.
Calliope - Emma Curtis and The Frol-ick (Avie AV2102)
But at another level his editor understands something important: Kulikoff should stop the calliope and trade for a mustang.
My great-grandfather worked as a cooper on HMS Calliope, which was the only ship to survive the 1887 hurricane in Apia Harbour, Samoa.
CREDO Petroleum Corporation (Nasdaq:CRED), Denver, has acquired nine wells (two previously announced) for application of its patented Calliope Gas Recovery System.