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a small display that will show you the telephone number of the party calling you

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Additional info: If you're connecting from a phone that doesn't support Caller Line Identification (1471 calls), you'll need to ask BT for an additional code.
The radio phones also have modem telecommunication features like call waiting, multi-party conferencing, caller line identification, call restriction, up to eight hours stand-by battery back-up and 90 minutes talk-time.
Meeting organizers gain greater control over call volume and meeting participation, including automatic Caller Line Identification (CLI) based log-in, arrival and termination notifications.
Tenders are invited for Analog Caller Line Identification Protocol Phone Model Beetel Make M51 Or Equivalent Of Make: Bpl Or Panasonic Only To Quote/Considered, Warranty : 1 Year.
It is a digital phone with an impressive list of features, including Caller Line Identification, SMS, Call Wait and Hold.
The Home Short Code service lets roamers dial habitual short codes for popular home services like customer care, voicemail, or information services, while the Global Direct Access service delivers Caller Line Identification (CLI) to provide transparent access to those services -- especially for IN-based personal short codes that are in widespread use at many large European mobile operators.
In addition, the Government is looking to introduce mandatory caller line identification (CLI) so that all marketing callers will have to display their telephone numbers.
In addition to standard system features such as hold, transfer and conference, Enhanced Digital Integration enables the Freeset DCT1900 portable telephone to emulate advanced capabilities like multiple line appearance, message waiting indication and caller line identification.