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a small display that will show you the telephone number of the party calling you

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The tribunal's order came over a petition filed by Tata Teleservices challenging a disconnection notice issued by BSNL on June 2, over alleged wrong routing of international calls on the PSU's network without having caller line identification ( CLI) for the Andhra circle.
Itisaluna specialises in two main services delivered to the Iraqi market: first, wireless fixed voice service, enables subscribers to make on-network, off-network, and international calls, in addition to many other beneficial services such as SMS, caller line identification, call forward, and other features which were exclusive to mobile phone users only.
In addition, organizers have greater control over call volume and meeting participation, including automatic Caller Line Identification (CLI) based log-in, arrival and termination notifications.
Starhome has said that the Home Short Code service allows roamers to dial their own short codes for home services like customer care, voicemail, or information services, while the Global Direct Access service delivers Caller Line Identification (CLI) to provide transparent access to those services.
The new service includes SMS services, Caller Line Identification, Call Waiting and Call Barring.
Telia International Carrier, a unit of the Swedish telecommunications group Telia, has launched caller line identification (CLI) services for mobile operators.
Features include the ability to transmit files at rates of up to 256Kb/s, an ability to bundle the card to offer eight, twelve or more channels and security access control software that allows calls to be filtered using caller line identification (CLI).