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a small display that will show you the telephone number of the party calling you

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Then I realised that their gesture in giving me free caller display was not so benevolent - it was an Ofcom requirement.
A number of other services including Voicemail, Call Waiting, Caller Display, Call Barring and Ring Back will also be available as Bolt Ons for an additional monthly fee.
I have a caller display unit, which shows me the date, time and number calling me, if I do not know the person calling me I don't answer the call.
Unfortunately for the tardy trio, Whitehead happened to be sitting next to manager Roy Keane, who saw the caller display and told them not to bother finishing their journey.
He noticed then that the number of Angela's old mobile was lit up in the caller display.
If Coventry City are serious about rejecting all offers for their star player, I would suggest Micky Adams gets himself a phone with 'caller display', and ignores any attempt by Steve Bruce to contact him!
Features offered by 4D Talk include voicemail, caller return, caller display, caller ID blocking, address books, number blocking and call waiting, with fax2email and non-geographic numbers services offered to businesses.
It gives customers free caller display so they can screen incoming numbers.
They haven't bothered me since I got a caller display unit around four years a go.
What concerns me is that the number on the caller display looked like a standard UK number despite the call obviously originating abroad - sounded like India.
Just get "caller display" on your home phone and don't answer it if you don't know who it is.
They also started charging for their 1571 answerphone and caller display services, and lifted the cost of the speaking clock to 36.6p a minute.
And it said simple technology such as caller display could help people manage nuisance calls, adding that it "deeply regrets" BT's recent decision to start charging for the service.
ZENA SAYS: A caller display phone is a good place to start.
I rang the number on my caller display, and spoke to Majid, but he would not leave me his address so I could reimburse him for the taxi fare.