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This can be called routine opposition jargon or sloganeering, but what is the comparative analysis, we'll again have to revert to the 'Haqaiq Nama', which mentions some achievements of the Elahi administration during the period, which some critics describe as 'economic bubble'.
But ERM as practiced might be called routine ERM, since it focuses intensively on a handful of important risks to which a firm is exposed much or all of the time, and estimates how well the firm can withstand losses that are more frequent or more severe than usual.
Those exercises, which the ministry called routine, come while China is holding live-fire drills off Beibu Bay, or the Gulf of Tonkin, near Vietnam and drills in the Bohai Strait that both end Aug.
Businessmen who own newspapers and TV channels that criticize the government's handling of the corruption case are punished with the cancelation of their business permits or harsh audits, and these are called routine measures
These are all signs of an anxious man trying not to look anxious, a man trying to come to grips with his inner restlessness by covering it with a blanket called routine, the report said.