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These are all signs of an anxious man trying not to look anxious, a man trying to come to grips with his inner restlessness by covering it with a blanket called routine, the report said.
The army, air force, military intelligence and other key commands also changed their top leadership in a shuffle which official media called routine.
The current artwork now on show is part of a project called Routine Atrocity by Twang, a 34-year-old illustrator from Penarth.
This can be called routine opposition jargon or sloganeering, but what is the comparative analysis, we'll again have to revert to the 'Haqaiq Nama', which mentions some achievements of the Elahi administration during the period, which some critics describe as 'economic bubble'.
While much of this office's work could be called routine, its 14 watch officers reduce the threat of war by building international confidence in U.