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a numbered compartment in a post office where mail is put to be called for

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For extended range, an external antenna can be added to the callbox.
Under the old system, all of the tunnel's safety functions--variable message signs, highway advisory radio, emergency callboxes, and closed-circuit television cameras--worked independently.
With the majority of BPOs here handling inbound calls, Callbox decided to venture into the more difficult service of outbound calls such as making appointments for sales representatives and qualifying prospective customers for a product or service.
Possessive Davis even used to check her mobile phone messages from a callbox inside prison.
At St Anne's Chapel telephone 01548 810514 from the callbox (mobile phone reception should not be relied on in the immediate area).
He said: "I phoned Anna from a callbox and she got in touch with BT Cellnet.
Ackergill has no signposts - house guests are told to look out for a BT callbox and take the next turning after that.
Encino, CA, April 21, 2013 --( Callbox has launched the latest update of its Pipeline CRM platform, now fully integrating iCal and allowing call center agents, clients, and leads to instantly add business appointments, meetings, and other important events to their own calendars with a click.
1880: The first telephone callbox for public use, in New Haven, Connecticut, went into service.
She eventually fled and her father picked her up from a callbox.
Barely a week old, he was tucked inside a duffel bag and left in the callbox outside Sheffield United's Bramall Lane stadium.
"He was very frightened and rang the police from a callbox."
Los Angeles, IL, December 10, 2011 --( Callbox, the largest business-to-business lead generation company in the world, is set to hire an additional 1,000 people next year, according to the company's 2012 action plan released today.
The car had long since gone and the thief had given her a false name and address and a phone number which turned out to be a callbox.