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a request by the manufacturer of a defective product to return the product (as for replacement or repair)


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New Kwik-Install[TM] easy twist-fit mount plate and pre-installed screws mean virtually flawless installation and reduced d callbacks. Kwik-Install is now featured on all Kwikset knobs.
"Tile installation callbacks average about $200, which chews up profits in a hurry," said Sherman.
Although you don't need to go through drywall, plumbing, and wiring like you need to do to fix a framing problem, doorjamb callbacks still mean a loss of time and money.
Home builders did a great job of maintaining construction quality in the face of the acute labor shortages during 1999 and 2000; holding down the frequency of customer callbacks and minimizing callback response time.
The quality of homes delivered to customers has been well maintained in this environment, and most customer callbacks are for minor items.
Builders report that nearly nine-tenths of their customer callbacks are for minor problems and that only 1 percent represent serious structural problems, the same pattern reported last year.
More than half (52%) of all builders citing shortages say that the labor problem has contributed to the frequency of callbacks. Nearly three-fourths (73%) of the large companies link labor shortages and callback problems.
Callbacks are still a serious concern, say the more than 400 builders NAHB surveyed nationwide in April.
The study showed that younger female applicants had a higher callback rate than middle-aged female applicants, and older female applicants had the lowest callback rate.
Relying on experienced cloud-enabled callback providers such as Fonolo or Virtual Hold will ensure that customers view callbacks positively--and not as yet another way to keep from talking with customers.
They found that before BTB, white applicants received 7% more callbacks, while after BTB whites received 45% more callbacks.
The study discovered students who took steps to hide their race were more likely to receive callbacks from employers than those who didn't.
"Our mission at Fonolo is to make it easy for call centers to add features like callbacks, virtual queuing, and visual IVR with minimal effort."
The rate of callbacks depended on the type of job being offered.