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subject to a demand for payment before due date

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Gilchrist and Zakrajsek (2012) address the issue of callability in the construction of their "excess bond premium.
Callability allows managers to finance the exercise of growth options with greater timing flexibility.
Four other control factors incorporated into the model are state income taxes, credit enhancements, callability, and the size of the school district.
Callability and bond maturity are also important factors increasing the costs to bond issuers.
Assume no special contractual provisions such as callability or convertibility.
A demand for cash reserves (R) is derived principally from the uncertain callability of the implied contract between deposit holders and banks.
Because the callability of the new agency zeroes negates the usual motive for holding zeroes - to profit from falling interest rates - investors should require a significant yield premium, keeping in mind, however, that interest rates are low now.
Because the callability feature introduces bias in the risk premium of a subordinated debt, this study used only noncallable debt risk premium.
However, Delta does not take into account convertible bond callability (Lewis et al.
Callable bonds (which are quoted with a range of maturity dates spanning several years) were excluded from the analysis to ensure that the maturities of all bonds are accurately measured and that the price is free from any implicit option premia associated with callability.
The root of the difference between the callability status of the convertible debt in this model and Stein's model is that in the Stein model only equityholders benefit from conversion, through a reduction of financial distress costs upon conversion.
This database contains a wide range of information about corporate bond issues including the issuer, offering data, maturity data, coupon type, offering yield to maturity, seniority level, and ratings and bond characteristics such as convertibility, putability, and callability.