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It claimed four unnamed Israeli players invited call-girls to their Tel Aviv hotel rooms before and after a first leg 5-0 defeat.
IT journalist, Andrew Orlowski, has become the latest name to be linked with the identity of blogger and call-girl, Belle de Jour.
POLITICIANS were yesterday mourning the death of John Profumo, the former cabinet minister whose notorious affair with a call-girl hastened the collapse of Harold Macmillan's government.
Arrested last June, the flashy-dressing Gibson had once been a rival of former Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss in providing high-priced call-girls to celebrities and other well-heeled clients.
A MARRIED Greek Orthodox priest was jailed for two-and-half years and fined pounds 2,200 for operating a call-girl network on the holiday island of Lesbos.
A GARDA probe is underway into reports of a call-girl ring operating between Sligo and Donegal.
You learn it from the elite in the call-girl business, women who have spent years fulfilling the desires of clients who can afford to be choosy and pay for the best.
As per sources, Davis met Rodriguez in June of 2006 in a gym in Philadelphia, shortly after she opened a branch of her call-girl service in the City of Brotherly Love.
He planned to go to the police with the tape if the call-girl refused to hand back a pounds 8,000 diamond ring she stole from him.