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Profumo was forced to resign from the Government for lying to the House of Commons over his affair with call-girl Keeler.
De Jour, who has recently signed a publishing deal with Faber & Faber in the UK, became a cult hit online with her diary of life as a call-girl in London.
ASTON Villa's Israeli star Najwan Ghrayib has been cleared of involvement in a call-girl scandal which rocked his national side.
LOS ANGELES: A woman convicted of running a call-girl operation whose clients were said to include Hollywood celebrities and top businessmen has been jailed for three years for pimping.
Gibson, who was accused of running an international call-girl ring from a Van Nuys hotel, faced a maximum of nine years in prison.
call-girl operation and its links to White House and congressional personalities," he concludes that "hard evidence of the link to Watergate is lacking.
A MARRIED parish priest has been jailed for two and a half years for running a call-girl service using immigrants from Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.
A GARDA probe is underway into reports of a call-girl ring operating between Sligo and Donegal.
Gibson is accused of running an international call-girl empire catering to celebrities, executives and sports figures.