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an option to buy

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the option to buy a given stock (or stock index or commodity future) at a given price before a given date


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Alternatively, this study examines the role of call provisions in resolving a combination of two agency conflicts simultaneously.
Comcast also settled charges in April by paying $900,000 for violations of the FTC's Do Not Call provisions.
Alternatively, if maintaining flexibility requires incorporating features like call provisions in newly issued debt to be able to retire it early (Smith and Warner, 1979; Narayanan and Lim, 1989), bondholders must be compensated with higher yields.
The indenture call provisions for those two instruments are 101.
providing pricing information and make recommendations on aspect of financing including, but not limited to, the timing of the sale, maturity schedule and call provisions.
Bonds with call provisions give the issuing firm the option to call the debt prior to maturity.
This will entail changes in the coupon structure and call provisions, and a reduction in the conversion price from $11.
The bonds will be due April 1, 2008-2027, with call provisions to be determined.
Call provisions allow a bank to demand full payment of the loan if certain provisions, or agreed-upon cash flow formulas, are not met.
Thus, empirical research that relies heavily on default risk and maturity to explain the prevalence of call provisions is not able to assess the importance of the separate agency theories of callability.
15, 2007-2026 and the series 2007B bonds mature March 15, 2008-2037; call provisions are yet to be determined.
Several studies have offered tax-based rationales for the widespread practice of attaching call provisions to corporate bonds.
Maturities and call provisions have yet to be determined.
15, 2007-2026; call provisions are yet to be determined.
Amendments to the Duties Act affecting put and call provisions will benefit developers engaging in such arrangements by providing taxpayers with a refund should the agreement not result in a transfer of property.