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an option to buy

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the option to buy a given stock (or stock index or commodity future) at a given price before a given date


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While traditional fixed-price call provisions also cap the price of a successful tender offer, make-whole call provisions are a superior mechanism for improving financial flexibility for several reasons.
The willingness of firms to incorporate make-whole call provisions in new debt issues indicates that the perceived benefits of increased financial flexibility more than make up for the call provision's up-front cost.
We begin with the standard structure of a frictionless economy where call executions are endogenous, only occurring when call provisions are in-the-money.
Thus, the conclusions are likely to hold even when bond call provisions contain call premiums.
However, in practice most call provisions require that bonds be redeemed at par plus a call premium, which is typically equal t one year's interest and may decline over the life of the bond according to a prearranged schedule.
7 million term bonds due 2014; call provisions are yet to be determined.
15, 2007-2026; call provisions are yet to be determined.
The pricing of this transaction certainly validates CS First Boston's ideas of the value of our July issue, and it sets a standard in call provisions for TVA's long-term securities," said TVA Chief Financial Officer William F.
Details of the issues being advanced refunded and their call provisions are listed below:
Call provisions are yet to be determined for the series 2006D (education) bonds; the three other series are non-callable.
Call provisions for the series F bonds have not been determined; the series A taxable bonds are not callable.
Details of the economic development revenue bonds advance refunded and the call provisions are listed below:
60 per share with call provisions held by the Company.
Call provisions give a bond issuer the right to prepay the debt if interest rates decline, thereby giving the issuer an option to refinance debt on more attractive terms in the future.
All three series are due November 1, 2007-2031; call provisions have yet to be determined.