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an option to buy

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the option to buy a given stock (or stock index or commodity future) at a given price before a given date


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These call options will be transferred at a price of SEK19.10 per call option, equivalent to the market value according to an external independent valuation, applying the Black-Scholes-model.
In another scenario, XYZ shares break above the $55 exercise price, and the call options are exercised.
In accordance with the terms of the put and call options, the first put option has been exercised by the vendors of Redleaf, requiring Porta to acquire a further 15% of the issued share capital of Redleaf.
By way of contrast, call options are issued to hedge against various assets while monitoring their volatility through the volatility index (VIX).
Fiat is expected to continue talks with VEBA to acquire the remaining 25 percent not covered by the call options. VEBA has the right to list the 25 percent on the stock exchange if it wants.
The final rules, which explain the income tax consequences of issuing, transferring, and exercising noncompensatory partnership options, apply only if the call option, warrant, or conversion right grants the holder the right to acquire an interest in the issuer (or cash measured by the interest's value).
investors who sell call options and own the stock also know the worst-case scenario from the outset.
Daimler AG's main shareholder, Abu Dhabi's sovereign-wealth fund Aabar Investments, has secured access to a further shares in the German car maker through call options, according to German news agency dapd.
However, the group's profit was burdened by a non-cash special effect of minus 3.70 billion euro from the adjustment of the valuation of the put and call options for the shares in Porsche Zwischenholding GmbH remaining with Porsche SE.
Specifically, returns are large and positive for call options and increasing in the strike price.
Both put and call options demand higher premium when volatility is high.
In the report, entitled "The Impact Of Call Options On Swaps in EMEA ABS and RMBS," Moody's said that it has recently observed that the market value of certain swaps becomes increasingly sensitive to assumptions regarding the exercise of a call option in EMEA structured finance transactions.
There are two basic types of options: call options and put options.
1361, which states that generally call options, warrants, or similar instruments (collectively, "call options") are treated as a second class of stock if the call options are substantially certain to be exercised and have a strike price substantially below the FMV of the underlying stock on the date that the call options are issued or transferred by an eligible shareholder to a person who is not an eligible shareholder.