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We have collection of various types profile like, Normal Indian girls, Local call girls, college girls, model girls, air hostess, actress, housewives etc.
But defence lawyers flatly denied the charges when he appeared in court yesterday, claiming he never made a secret of his liking for sex parties - insisting he was unaware the women were call girls.
ROME: A scandal linking Italy s Silvio Berlusconi to a call girl deepened Tuesday with the posting of a new audio clip seemingly proving the liaison, as the flamboyant prime minister s approval rating sank.
Ms Taylor, the third of three call girls to give evidence in the trial, said she had turned down the offer of cocaine and instead had some tea and toast.
Q MY wife says she isn't interested in sex any more and has told me I can hire a call girl at weekends when she goes to her sister's.
He was brought down after pictures of him in bed with the call girls were passed to the News of the World.
Lone call girls working for themselves were also threatened to bring them into the operation, said Tim Gittins, prosecuting.
An elderly Elvis impersonator faces jail because his addiction to call girls has left the neighbours all shook up.
Kennell has recruited 100 high-class call girls from across the UK for his Northern Angels escort agency, which uses a picture of the famous Angel of the North statue on its website homepage.
TEL AVIV: Four Israeli footballers who had sex with call girls and girlfriends before a crushing defeat by Denmark should be banned from the national team, a committee of inquiry recommended yesterday.
Tabak also used his firm's mobile phone to contact call girls and escort agencies in LA and San Francisco during five weeks spent on the work trip to California.
Michelle Braun said that if he had been hiring call girls and sleeping around in America, she would have certainly heard about it.
Instead, he withdrew huge amounts from people's accounts and splurged them all on call girls.
This time it was Brazil legend Ronaldo picking up call girls.
LORD Lambton was a brilliant and ambitious Tory politician whose burgeoning career collapsed in ruins in 1973 after disclosures of scandalous relationships with call girls.