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Access to all BICC Call Control Message Parameters OPC, DPC, calling number, called number, and more
Brooktrout is a supplier of media processing, network interface, call control and signal processing products that enable the development of applications, systems and services for both TDM and IP networks.
This multichannel routing system is designed to enable a contact center to interact with its customers across an enterprise that can be made up of various call control, database and desktop applications, while providing a migration path to IP-based technology.
"Carriers in the European market insist on SS7 for call control and we certainly want our products to work as seamlessly as possible," said Scott Rigby, engineering manager at Lucent Technologies.
High level scripts leave the protocol logic to the underlying call control script on the MAPS[TM] server.
The convergent solution reportedly includes features such as real-time call control, full real-time convergent rating engine, and unified provisioning and customer care for prepaid and postpaid customers.
In addition, because a VoIP session consists of multiple flows (e.g., call setup, call control and call media) each flow should be individually protected to guarantee the integrity of the call.
This product marks the complete integration of all supported VoiceGenie technologies in one platform, including simultaneous support for PSTN and VoIP, using SIP based call control, ASR engines (ATT Watson, BBN HARK and Byblos, Nuance 8, and SpeechWorks OpenSpeech Recognizer 1.1), and TTS engines (AT&T Natural Voices, Rhetorical Systems, Scansoft, SpeechWorks Speechify 2.1, and SVOX).
The V-Switch is a revolutionary new type of softswitch that provides call control and signaling for access devices at the network edge.
According to the company, the patent related to network address translator (NAT) traversal in Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communication system (#9,473,452) covers an innovation that enables a call control server to use an algorithm to select from proxy servers to route a VoIP session between endpoint devices.
Karthik Ramalingam, a Senior Manager for Product Development of company, said, "The Media Gateway Control Protocol (MEGACO/H.248) is a signalling and call control protocol used between the Media Gateway Controller (MGC) and Media Gateway (MG) for supporting multimedia stream transmission.
The certified-interoperable solution offered Elastix developers and integrators such system enhancements as local and remote-office survivability for business continuity, SIP trunking, Quality of Service, distributed call control and VoIP-over-VPN security.
This integration is set to provide inbound and outbound telephony management, call routing, agent availability, CTI screen pop and call control for use with Sales-force CRM.
The PIKA Skype Gateway resides on the client machine and transfers audio and call control information between the remote Skype client and application server.