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a center equipped to handle a large volume of telephone calls (especially for taking orders or serving customers)


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But Littlewoods and Shop Direct chairman David Simons admitted it was unlikely the Widnes staff will travel to call centres in Bolton, Burnley and Preston.
Except in call centres, where the old rigid hierarchies largely pertain, and for which there seem to be few remedies save the cosmetic, offices ought to be places in which people can be creative, both as individuals and in groups.
The book links call centres to new technologies that allow managers to extensively monitor an employee's work.
Another US-based call centre outsource service provider has recently announced a second call centre facility, in addition to its existing 400-seat centre.
Many are called, but what are the choices: Working in New Brunswick's 1-800 call centres. New Maritimes, 14(6), 10-19.
But consultants Business Strat-egies, who are doing a study into call centres, fear the industry could just be a short-lived moneyspinner.
STAFF at a Merseysidebased call centre have high hopes of an award.
They have won employer of the year awards as testimony to their success, so maybe there is a brighter future for call centres in Wales.
One opportunity they are investigating might fill a specific need in the call centre industry.
A recent survey from NICE showed that 26% of all the call centres taking part in the research are planning to invest in customer satisfaction tools while just 20% plan to invest in agent efficiency.
About 87%of people said they would not be happy about having to speak to someone abroad about their account, while 9% said they had no preference,according to the Alliance & Leicester, which is committed to keeping its call centres,including Bootle and Wigan,in the UK.
Last year the Communications Workers Union launched a four-month national tour in a bid to prevent BT opening call centres in India.
The overriding motive for firms to export their call centres abroad is economic.
This paper reports on a study of management's attitudes and responses to union activities in 20 call centres in Western Australia.
There are five to seven call centres per square kilometre in India's Bangalore alone, with 1,000-2,000 operators each.