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a communication system linking different rooms within a building or ship etc

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RESIDENTS suffered unexplained bruises at a Widnes care home and were forced to cry for help because nurse call buttons were placed out of reach in their bedrooms.
The call button wirelessly connects to a receiver placed inside the NEX gas station where an associate can respond and provide assistance by pumping the customer's gas," said Larry Boone, NEXCOM's automotive branch manager.
After the plane took off, Rogers repeatedly hit the call button and said it was an emergency: He wanted three glasses of wine.
Then he or she can dial any number and rapidly tap the call button until the phone reverts to an empty screen with an Apple logo at the center and make the call to that number, says Daoud.
To get Smart Pack 15 customers need dial the purchase code of *200*415# and press the call button.
When a new consumer visits a business' website and clicks a call button, he will be instantly connected to the business via phone and quickly receive sales support, customer service, or technical support.
The app then calls everyone on the conference list when the user presses the call button and everyone is then connected to a group call.
Travellers will get alerts before the start of weepies so they can have tissues at the ready and can press the call button for a shoulder to cry on.
Rhys Willis, of Heol Mynydd, Pontypridd, broke a call button in the cell and exposed the electric wiring after he was detained at Pontypridd Police Station on February 20.
The actor said: "Apparently it's a British federal crime to do the sound of the flight attendant call button on an aircraft.
Big Button, easy to read, easy to use mobile phone - Oversized buttons - SOS emergency call button - Slim, lightweight design - Network free This no-nonsense phone is ideal for those who don't need a complicated mobile to simply make and receive calls.
Company officials said that participating advertisers can have their phone numbers highlighted with a blue Free Call button anywhere online their numbers are displayed.
They say there was no warden available to check on the grandmother and the emergency call button she wore around her neck did not work properly when she fell at the property owned by Anchor Retirement Housing.
A dispersed alarm is an easily installed telephone alarm unit with a call button plus a neck pendant or bracelet.
In addition to providing the ability to correct your dog up to 400 yards away, it also offers a remote beeper that allows you to quickly locate your dog in the heaviest cover with the touch of the call button.