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a communication system linking different rooms within a building or ship etc

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The SIP Outdoor Call Button is a reliable solution for a one-touch programmable call to an IP phone or page announcement.
RESIDENTS suffered unexplained bruises at a Widnes care home and were forced to cry for help because nurse call buttons were placed out of reach in their bedrooms.
Users can add an alternative phone number that will appear in the form of a bright green call button on the lock screen.
FUEL CALL[R] enables NEX customers to get assistance at the gas pump through the use of a call button accessible from their car.
LG's Kizon is worn by children but is really meant for parents, letting them know where their kids are at all times with GPS, Wi-Fi, and a direct call button, CNET reported.
The company's products have a built-in GPS system to monitor and secure their location, a storage compartment, a patented WiFi call button to connect with a hotel, resort or cruise ship's personnel and a USB charging port for electronic devices.
Once seated, Rogers pressed the call button above a seat and a flight attendant asked if he had an emergency, according to authorities.
just dial an emergency number on call screen and keep tapping the call button until the app crashes and opens a blank screen with an Apple logo.
I admit I was cruising at more than the required speed levels and simultaneously fumbling for the call button. The next thing I know, I hear a thump and somebody rolls up to the windscreen and falls over.
In addition, they can stay connected with their local equipment dealer with the application's easy-to-use call button and email features.
To make or receive a call, just push the dedicated call button and the speaker phone is on.
Purchasing the packs is "easy" and can be done directly from the customers mobile devices by dialling the relevant purchase code and pressing the call button, Vodafone said.
When a new consumer visits a business' website and clicks a call button, he will be instantly connected to the business via phone and quickly receive sales support, customer service, or technical support.
Other features that passengers appreciate are an intuitive placement of switches and call buttons. Boeing redesigned reading-light switches so passengers can find them more easily and avoid accidentally pressing the flight-attendant call button.