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a loan that is repayable on demand


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Interbank call loans refer to the cost of borrowings from other banks.
In addition, the New York purchase could be financed in the call loan market, with ultimate payment made by gold shipment.
The company's asset portfolio is comprised mainly of customers' deposits and call loans.
The interest rate on an unsecured call loan from Friday through Monday soared to 1 percent on the Tokyo interbank money market Wednesday, against the Bank of Japan's target of 0.
NYC Banker: We invest a lot of it in the call loan market.
Any widespread liquidation of call loans by the trusts or the interior banks might trigger a rapid loss of stock market value.
In extreme cases, banks were forced to suspend currency payments and call loans to protect their reserves.
His fall, in September of 1929, led to the tightening of the British money market, the withdrawal of call loans from the New York market and, as an assisting fact, the topping out of the stock market and, in October 1929, the crash.
b) The nature of the loans - the Framework Agreements provide the Company with an option to draw down two kinds of loans - short terms loans (a maximum duration of one year) and On Call loans.
The FSC originally required that total credit extension by domestic banks cannot exceed two times their deposits and call loans in mainland China.
The weighted average of the unsecured overnight call rate, the fee charged on unsecured overnight call loans, fell to minus 0.
4) Secondary liquidity held in form of call loans on the stock market, that is, the first loans to be liquidated--Warburg and Laughlin were especially uncomfortable with the secondary source of liquidity as call loans on the stock market.
12 to steer the current policy tool, the target rate on unsecured overnight call loans, down to 0.
Q: Are the Company's banks going to call loans if the share price drops too far?
The risk exposure includes investment, credit extension, and call loans.