Calixtus II

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pope who in 1122 forced the Holy Roman Emperor Henry V to sign a concordat that recognized the right of the church to choose its own leadership (died in 1124)

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In addition, can we tell for sure that the Calixtus II confirmation dated 1119 for Fontevraud is authentic?
His feast day dates back to 1120, when David was canonized by Pope Calixtus II and March 1 was included in the church calendar.
Pope Calixtus II had, in 1122, given the Venetians a papal banner, vexillum beati Petri, to carry in a crusade, so this was a well-chosen reference to convey Venice's desire for an optimal relationship with the new pope, Leo X, who had only two months earlier, on 19 March, been elected to the papal throne.
One was the slaughter of more than 5,000 members of the Jewish community of Europe That mistake was so serious that Pope Calixtus II, in 1120, issued a papal bull titled Sicut Judaeis in which he forbade the mistreatment of Jews.
Calixtus II's (1119-24) Sicut Judeis assumed that the Pope was able to address the whole of Christendom on the matter of all Jews.