Caliphate State

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a Turkish terrorist group of fundamentalist Muslims with ties to al-Qaeda that operates in Germany

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"Moreover, they cause death and injury among Muslims under the pretext of jihad to establish the caliphate state and disseminate extremist and deviant ideology on the rubble of states and societies."
Pressed on whether the 31-year-old had ever voiced a wish to live in a caliphate state, he replied: "I didn't say that - I said a Muslim country."
Pressed on whether the 31-yearold had ever voiced a wish to live in a caliphate state, he replied: "I didn't say that - I said a Muslim country."
"The aim of the attacks was to establish a caliphate state in Bangladesh," deputy commissioner Sheikh Nazmul Alam told reporters.
Hunter pointed out the caliphate state, regardless of its braggings of mass slaughter and incomes of more than $1 billion a day, does not have the means of highly sophisticated transportation such as air force or navy that could help bring it into the U.S.
The Saudi ambassador vowed that Saudi Arabia will never allow the current phenomenon to spread like a fire in a dry stalks in our region ant try to reach its goal of capturing Muslim's holy places of Makkah and Madinah to establish their Caliphate State.
They said: "Our message to the entire world is that we are the soldiers of the caliphate state and we are coming."
[15] From this date onwards, the Caliphate state had enacted such bad that Ibn Taqtaqy in a reference to the sinister head Almostakfy correctly writes that:
Minister Sergei Lavrov for his part is only worried about their alliance with those seeking the establishment of the Caliphate state.
"This means that the Sudanese president continues to believe that the Caliphate state in the Sudan is more important than unity, and that with the secession of the south he got rid of the force which hindered the establishment of a religious state in the Sudan.
At that time, Taqi Addin Al-Nabhani founded what was called "Islamic Liberal Party", stressing the necessity of establishing the Caliphate State before reforming the political, economic and social situations in the country.
The Caliphate State was not only centralized, it was also feudal and highly absolutist.
Bautista said if one will observe prior to the Marawi siege, different terrorist groups united under the leadership of the late Abu Sayyaf leader Isnilon Hapilon to establish a caliphate state in Southeast Asia.
Salem Saeed Kubaish, UAE's Attorney-General, said that the suspects were also charged with planning to inflict damage on private and public properties with an aim to eventually seize power to set up a so-called caliphate state in line with their extremist ideology.
"Yes, the two holy mosques are threatened by Daesh [Arabic acronym for ISIS] when the caliphate state announced it would destroy the Kaaba," Nasrallah said.