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the territorial jurisdiction of a caliph

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the office of a caliph

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He will play the Caliph of Baghdad in the popular family show.
I REMEMBER visiting the local park back in the 1930s and a brass band played the overture called the Caliph Of Baghdad.
According to Ibn Khaldun, Farsistan in southern Iran was one of the principal centres of altar production, charged with providing the Caliph of Baghdad with 30,000 bottles annually.
Corrupt and single-mindedly devoted to his profit margin, he eventually becomes the mayor of several Italian cities, the vice-shah of Oran, and the caliph of Baghdad.
During the Arab era of the Abbasids, for example, the caliph of Baghdad controlled most of the region and simply gave to the residents of Baku and the surroundings the right to sell any oil they found.