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(Italian cuisine) squid prepared as food

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Top sellers include five fish-and-chips type dishes - with cod, halibut, salmon, prawns and calimari. The outlet also offers red snapper and albacore tuna sandwiches, fish and shrimp tacos, an Oregon shrimp Louis salad, clam chowder and a Portuguese seafood stew.
Following the reasoning of commentators such as McCormick, Calimari, and Perillo, the court held the contractual loss of chance doctrine should allow a plaintiff "to sue on the alternative theory of the value of the lost opportunity," regardless of whether the promised occurrence is fortuituous or the promise itself is aleatory.
There was a curry and fried calimari on offer, but neither really appealed to us.
The fish restaurant El Miro overlooking the marina in Benalmadena serves up some of the best the sea has to offer from tempting tapas of succulent shrimps and delicately battered calimari to main courses of lightly grilled larger fish and tender steaks.
With a selection of fine wines and menu options ranging from rosemary garlic ciabatta and foccacia to bruschetta, calimari, caesar salad, and several pastas to fresh fish, chicken, and beef, it got a bit debaucherous with a choice of tiramisu, zabaione, chocolate mousse, and hazel-nut custard among the six deserts offered.
His dishes include pistou pasta, roast onion and rocket salad and crispy calimari.
Meanwhile, those who have left Marvel over the past several weeks amidst melding of companies formerly known as Toy Biz and Marvel Entertainment include Marvel Entertainment Group President Joseph Calimari, Jerry Calabrese (his successor) and Executive Director of Consumer Products Marc Harrington.
"Prize," said one of Ken's lieutenants over calimari one night.