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Roman Emperor who succeeded Tiberius and whose uncontrolled passions resulted in manifest insanity

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The Olivier-nominated actor has sought refuge by throwing himself into rehearsals for Caligula, which opened at the Donmar Warehouse in London last night.
Thatcher, who former French president Francois Mitterrand once said had "the eyes of Caligula and the mouth of Marilyn Monroe", stayed at the hotel in 2000.
Snow White and the seven dwarfs will be facing evil nemesis Queen Caligula and her incompetent team of aides.
AD41: The mad Roman Emperor Caligula was assassinated.
BORN NEIL Diamond, American singer, 1941, above JOOLS Holland, British musician, 1958 ADRIAN Edmondson, British comedian, 1957 DIED CALIGULA, Roman emperor, AD41 REG Gutteridge, boxing journalist, above, 2009 TED Bundy, US serial killer, 1989
Atlanta rapper Caligula kicked off the evening's performances with tracks from the debut Cross Colours Music Without Prejudice(MWP) EP featuring "Jet Fighter," a collaboration with Wiz Khalifa.
But the next but one emperor after Augustus was Caligula, a despot still famed for his debauched madness.
THE mad Roman emperor Caligula made his horse a senator but history will record that there were quite a few asses in our own senate.
The main figures are Octavian Augustus, Tiberius, Germanicus, Caligula, Claudius, and Nero.
The former altar boy was responsible for tarnishing the reputation of Helen Mirren, who went on to play the Queen, by secretly reshooting scenes of her 1979 film Caligula with porn stars.
Elle met en scene Caligula, empereur romain tyrannique qui agit avec demesure, en quete d'impossible.
Speaking of Caligula, my mum, reading TV listings aloud from the paper on Monday, piped up: "Caligula with Mary Berry is on BBC 2 at 9pm.
CALIGULA (9pm BBC2) "THE Rhine, Germany 14AD," reads the opening on-screen caption, just moments before historian Mary Beard drives past in an Opel hire car, somewhat wrecking the ancient vibe.
Caligula With Mary Beard BBC2, 9pm Who's more fearsome, the toga'd tyrant or the academic who took on the Twitter trolls and won?
Prince Caligula of Cambridge has a nice ring to it, as does King Caligula; as does Kong.