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I think that people want us to continue finding common ground, solving practical problems that have a direct impact on the lives of Californians.
More than 6 million Californians are eligible for the program.
CalCPA's financial literacy initiative has packed a powerful punch during its first year--the California Legislature specifically recognized CalCPA's role in working to improve the financial literacy of Californians when it unanimously declared April 2004 Financial Literacy Month.
The most popular health search topics for all Californians are health insurance, alternative medicine and experimental treatments.
And Californians have been saddled with the fourth highest gasoline tax in the nation, nearly 51 cents a gallon.
Among the introduced biota that would alter the Californian landscape were several species of eucalyptus, promoted both as ornamentals and for reforestation projects.
But farm hands aren't the only people suffering: According to a Californians for Pesticide Reform study, there is also a link between pesticide use and increased birth defects among both farmer and non-farmer residents of these agricultural regions.
As a nonprofit patient advocacy organization dedicated to ensuring that all Californians have access to affordable care, Californians for Patient Care is pleased to support Proposition 30.
The Institute is a supporting 501(c)(3) organization and its initial activities will be to support our financial literacy initiative, which was launched last year by CalCPA Chair Steve Wimmers to address shocking levels of financial illiteracy among Californians.
Californians for Patient Care reminds all Californians, especially those without adequate dental insurance, that there are hundreds of no- and low-cost dental care providers in California.
If there are no typical Californians, perhaps it's because to be truly Californian means to be extraordinary.
SACRAMENTO -- Californians have a low opinion of the state's education system, with residents of Los Angeles taking a dimmer view of their public schools than those in any other region, a poll released Thursday says.
People with heart health issues and little or no insurance can still get the preventive and maintenance care they need, by finding local no- and low-cost healthcare resources on Californians for Patient Care's MyHealthResource.
Bush's tax-reform panel would put the dream of homeownership out of reach for many Californians.
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