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He also went to see a Californian redwood tree planted by Queen Victoria in August 1861.
She writes about ending up in the Priory and having therapy and how she went on a retreat in a Californian redwood forest, climbed high up a mountain in an isolated place and spent three days on her own in the darkness.
A Californian redwood at 368.8ft high and discovered in 1990 is listed by Packenham as the tallest known living thing in the world, while in the Sierra Nevada Mountains an ancient giant sequoia known as General Sherman weighing an estimated 1,500 tonnes is rated the the biggest tree in the world.
The play-houses, which are designed purely for the home market, are made in America of Californian redwood and shipped over in containers from South Dakota.
This is also the land of the giant Karri forests with some of the tallest trees in the world, like Californian Redwoods. High up on the cliffs are wind turbines harnessing wind energy to power half of Albany's needs.
Californian redwoods are also the oldest living things on the planet, with a lifespan of over 3,000 years.
"With ancient trees up to 100 meters tall, these forests are the Southern Hemisphere's equivalent of the Californian Redwoods," Bayley noted.
They include Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, historic houses, abbey ruins, Sites of Special Scientific Interest and rare flora and fauna, including Californian Redwoods and the greatly-endangered red squirrel.
Along with the Californian redwoods they are the largest living things that have ever existed on earth.
This time last year, the Solihull-born centre was doing well but without uprooting any Californian Redwoods. He was just one of a number of promising Academy prospects.
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