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of Pacific coast of North America

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CALIFORNIAN POPPIES (eschscholzia) are another favourite in my garden and Suttons' Tropical Punch Mix will grow to about a foot and produce magnificent colour all summer long if you stagger sowing.
When it comes to planting the beds, leave a patch to go wild and encourage those species that benefit wildlife - open-faced flowers such as Californian poppies, echinacea and fennel attract pest-eating bugs.
dens o oxa, e first erian, And favourite annuals taste sweet to honeybees - nigella, sunflowers, poached egg plant, forget-me-not, cosmos, zinnias, Californian poppies and candytuft.
POPPIES & SALVIAS CALIFORNIAN poppies and salvias with orange and blue blooms are a winning combination and can be used to plug the gaps or add bold drifts of colour.
Other good candidates are self-sowing seedlings including Californian poppies (Eschscholzia californica), hellebores, Verbena bonariensis and wallflowers.
And for the first time ever all 97 of the allotments are taken up and there is a large array of fruits and vegetables, which include Turk's Turbans, Sicilian Snakes and Californian Poppies.
Calendulas now come in soft apricots, pale lemons and creams and Californian poppies in pinks, cerises and even white.
The Escholzias, or Californian poppies, can be sown direct on to the soil, as can pink chiffon opium poppies (Papaver somniferum) as well as the gorgeous corn poppies which are derived from our own wild field poppy.
SOW hardy annuals like Shirley poppies, Californian poppies (Escholtzia) and clarkias where they are to flower.
CALIFORNIAN POPPIES IF you want to add splashes of vibrant colour to flowerbeds and containers, or if you have a dry gravel garden, Californian poppies are for you.
Maybe we'll manage to get some annuals sprouting this year - cornflowers, Californian poppies, and sunflowers.
Poppies, not only the annual Shirley and Californian poppies but the longer-lived oriental strain.
I've ordered annual Ladybird poppies in scarlet with a black blotch on each petal to mix with Eschscholzias, the little Californian poppies.
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