California sea lion

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often trained as a show animal

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The as-yet-unnamed Californian sealion pup is the first for seven-year-old Rio who came to the zoo from Chessington in 2000.
Professor Barrie Edwards, from the university's department of veterinary clinical sciences, was asked by Chester Zoo to examine Phoebe, a Californian sealion, after she fell ill.
WAYNE Rooney fever arrived at a North Wales zoo yesterday -with the naming of a newborn Californian sealion.
Rodrigues bats, bush dogs, spectacled bears, bongos, ring-tailed lemurs, capybaras, coatis, chimpanzees, Asian elephants, giraffes, jaguars, lions, meerkats, spider monkeys, orang-utans, penguins, marmots, pudus, red pandas, red river hogs, Californian sealions, black rhinos, tamarins, tapirs, tigers, Galapagos tortoise, Grevys zebras
The three Californian sealions have been a top draw at Blair Drummond Safari Park, near Stirling.
50 YEARS AGO: Six Californian sealions arrived at Dudley Zoo last night in fine condition after an eleven day voyage across the Atlantic from Montreal.
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