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often trained as a show animal

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Animal magic: Callum the Californian sea lion and keeper Amy Sewell, who are preparing to raise money for Red Nose Day.
Californian sea lions are born on land and can't swim for 24 hours so Seanna stayed with her tot on his first day in the world.
The past year has already seen the arrival of two young giraffes, a white rhino baby and a Californian sea lion calf.
And it seems like mum's the word at the zoo with hundred of babies being born including a red panda kit - the first in 50 years at the zoo - a Californian sea lion pup, and a bongo calf.
And the Californian sea lion is already learning to swim while mum Ciara, dad Danny and sister Leah look on proudly.
Now thanks to a Liverpool University vet, who performed a lifesaving operation on her, the Californian sea lion is again safe and well.
Visit the Children's Farm, Sea Lions Rock' and watch Californian Sea Lions being trained.
ON THE GROUND Humboldt penguins and Californian sea lions will thrill you in their pools.
Californian sea lions Finn and Lucy are adding to the yuletide celebrations with pecks on the cheek for visitors.
Finn became the first of two Californian sea lions to take up residence at the aquarium when he arrived on Thursday night.
Among the most popular animals at the zoo are five Californian sea lions.
Meanwhile, we meet keeper Alex Pinnell and hear about her unique bond with the only male in a group of five Californian sea lions.
Plus, keeper Alex Pinnell discusses her unique bond with the only male in a group of five Californian sea lions, while head of birds Adrian Walls mans Penguin Beach, and keeps a close eye on the zoo's naughtiest penguin, and curator of herpetology Ian Stephen, awaits a very special delivery of an Aldabra giant tortoise that had been leant out for breeding.
Edward Perry, director of operations, said: "Families love visiting the sea lion house and we're delighted that our four resident Californian sea lions Biffo, Max, Arthur and Reggie can help boost our green credentials, slash energy bills and reduce our carbon footprint.
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