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any of various wines produced in California

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That was until an event known as the Judgement of Paris put Napa Valley and California wines on the map.
For the first time, Briscoe tells the complete and dramatic story of the ascendancy of California wine in vivid detail.
Bob Thompson and I were in close touch through the late '60s and the early '70s when I was writing my "World Atlas of Wine." I was guilty of provoking him into writing, with my full collaboration, "The California Wine Book," published in 1975.
Both partnerships represent major milestones for the promotion and adoption of IOTW blockchain technology, where mobile devices adopt our Proof of Assignment micro-mining protocol and The California Wine Company Limited accepts our IOTW coins for their sales.
Short biographies of noteworthy vintners, business owners, and other historic figures personalize the story of the zigzag ripening of the California wine industry.
Anyway, having had a jook about, I reckon M&S is the best supermarket for California wine. With the sterling/ dollar rate as is, I say you might as well enjoy American wine now before the prices get crazy.
"So You Think You Know California Wine?" is an invaluable and unique reference tool for understanding California's wine evolution.
In particular, California Wine Merchants' stock revolves around bottles from such small wineries, so DiDomizio says hand selling remains an important approach for the shop.
California wine grape growers vote again to continue statewide PD/GWSS wine grape assessment, with option to support research and outreach on other wine grape pests and diseases.
As part of our year-long California wine supplement, we've looked at how each region in the Golden State creates, markets and sells wine.
Under MAP, groups advocating products generically, like the California Wine Institute, must pitch in a dollar for every $10 it receives from the taxpayer to market California wine abroad.
A 'must' for any California wine book holding and many a general interest collection, this is a lively, involving read!
These Earth Day events and travel deals are a great incentive to getaway this April to California wine country, one of the most progressive advocates of environmentally conscious practices in the world.'
That last comment--about drinking the stuff--got some ironic affirmation with a Chicago TV station's recent health-beat featurette about a California wine bar where you can have a glass or two of champagne, or perhaps a nice healthy pinot noir--then a Botox injection.
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