California sycamore

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tall tree of Baja California having deciduous bark and large alternate palmately lobed leaves and ball-shaped clusters of flowers

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Available trees include the coast live oak, California sycamore and Chinese flame tree.
Bringing in a California sycamore tree and several birches--all in 36-inch boxes--gave the Brombals needed privacy.
And on a few sad occasions, my search was ended when I learned of a champion's demise: the coast live oak downed by a storm, the California sycamore washed away in a flood.
The trees planted will include the California Sycamore, the Valley Oak, the Coast Live Oak, the Big Leaf Maple, the Cape Chestnut, the Tulip Tree and more.
Participants in Saturday's event can snag free trees in one-gallon pots; the city is giving away stone and Aleppo pines, California sycamore and coast live oak, said William Wittkopf, general services manager.
One of a handful of champs that had reigned since the program's inception in 1940, the California sycamore was washed away in a flood, which is ironic since California is now in its fifth year of drought (see "The Passing of Champions," in the National Register insert in this magazine).
Certain species of eucalyptus, California sycamore and canary pine seem to give us the most problems.
California sycamore is the native tree of choice if you are sniffing for pleasant foliar aromas on hot summer days.
The DWP offers up to seven five-gallon trees, with 50 varieties from which to choose, including jacaranda, white alder, camphor tree, Canary Island pine, California sycamore and Southern magnolia.
When you realize that the California sycamore is a Valley native, you wonder why the parkways of only a handful of streets have been graced with its presence.
The much-maligned California sycamore, a host for insect pests and fungus diseases whose leaves are more often brown than green, redeems itself in spades whenever it rains.
The California sycamore (Platanus racemosa) will forever remain the most compelling landscape tree for our area.
The Tree of Life Family Festival featured a pancake breakfast and the planting of three coast live oaks and three California sycamore trees.
Recognize that in a yard of 1,000 square feet or less, a shade tree such as a fruitless mulberry, a Chinese elm, a Shamel ash, a Brazilian pepper, a California sycamore, or a Valley oak will dominate the landscape or garden at the expense of sun seeking plants growing close by.
Living in an older neighborhood where multi-story trees are the norm, my assortment of mature California sycamores, Aleppo pines, American peppers and Crepe Myrtles more than sufficed.
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