California sycamore

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tall tree of Baja California having deciduous bark and large alternate palmately lobed leaves and ball-shaped clusters of flowers

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One of a handful of champs that had reigned since the program's inception in 1940, the California sycamore was washed away in a flood, which is ironic since California is now in its fifth year of drought (see "The Passing of Champions," in the National Register insert in this magazine).
The garden is nearly maintenance-free, thanks to Lichtenwalter's use of water-wise plants such as purple hop bush for privacy, a California sycamore for shade, and Leucadendron 'Safari Sunset' and Eupborbia cotinifolia for color.
These tough shrubs blend well with a scattering of native valley oaks and more recently planted California pepper, California sycamore, and Italian cypress trees, while vining Boston ivy and wisteria soften walls and structures.
(1989) documented postfire production of resprouts in California sycamore (Platanus racemosa), a close relative of P.
California Sycamore (472 points): This tree grows along a road on state highway property in San Juan Capistrano, south of Los Angeles, California.
Sycamore, American sycamore, American planetree, American plane, California button, California sycamore, buttonwood, buttonball tree, planetree, water beech, ghost tree
This rule will eliminate situations like the California sycamore that was nominated in 1940, the first year of the Register, wiped out by a flood in 1969, but not dethroned until 1992 when the news finally reached AMERICAN FORESTS.
Headliner is the California sycamore, whose leaves turn a dignified bronze in Big Sycamore Canyon, off Pacific Coast Highway about 10 miles west of Zuma Beach in Malibu.
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