California sage

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low ashy-grey California shrub

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In Thursday's fifth, the stewards rejected an interference claim by Tyler Baze, rider of runner-up California Sage, following the victory by Thrillion.
3] [micro]eq, which is 20 times the antioxidant activity in the same quantity of California sage honey, one of the lightest-colored samples.
If all goes as planned, native bunchgrass will fill the grasslands; the coastal sage brush will come back with a resurgence of California sage, prickly pear cactus, coyote bush, and deer weed; and at higher elevations the chaparral will blossom with laurel sumac and sugar bush.
During the hike, Hoffman pointed out several fragrant plants: the yerba santa - ``We have someone here who makes tea out of it,'' he said; black sage, which local Indian tribes used as an herb; buckwheat, which they ground up; and California sage, nicknamed ``cowboy cologne'' because wranglers found it made them smell a little better after long, dusty trail rides.
According to Rosen, California sage honey - made from the nectar of sage flowers - is especially prized because it is light in color and never crystallizes (turns to sugar).
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