California sage

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low ashy-grey California shrub

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Through oral history the reader enters Marin's world: "The fragrances of the Coastal Miwok world came from buckeye flowers, California bay leaves and bark, ground iris, California rose, angelica, marsh mint, wallflower, and sages such as pitcher sage, mugwort, and California sage brush.
A milliliter of Illinois buckwheat honey, by far the darkest tested, contained 4.32 x [10.sup.-3] [micro]eq, which is 20 times the antioxidant activity in the same quantity of California sage honey, one of the lightest-colored samples.
If all goes as planned, native bunchgrass will fill the grasslands; the coastal sage brush will come back with a resurgence of California sage, prickly pear cactus, coyote bush, and deer weed; and at higher elevations the chaparral will blossom with laurel sumac and sugar bush.
If possible, remove or thin highly flammable natives such as California sage brush and chamise (also called greasewood).
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