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the soft reddish wood of either of two species of sequoia trees

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The latest herald is Kate Coleman, author of a controversial book on the life of Judi Bari, an Earth First organizer in the California redwoods who made headlines when her car was bombed in 1990.
In addition, innovative landscaping included five species of bamboo, California redwoods and weeping hemlocks.
* The tallest trees in the world are California redwoods They can grow to be 400 feet tall!
Most recently, an article in the San Francisco Chronicle noted that sudden oak death is affecting 15 plant species and might be infecting California redwoods. Utilization of Southern Wood In U.S.
* Giants in the Earth: The California Redwoods, edited by Peter Johnstone (Heyday Books, $18), gathers together a host of great writers who have exulted in the towering trees: John Muir, Jack London, Arthur Conan Doyle, Robinson Jeffers, Jack Kerouac, Gary Snyder, Tom Wolfe, and Czeslaw Milosz.
At the same time that Maxxam was attempting to bust the labor unions at Kaiser-Aluminum, it was cutting down some of the last old-growth California redwoods. Nationally, labor organizers attempting to unionize workers watched as the companies closed shop and moved to countries where unionization is a crime.
On October 2 of the same year, his bill was signed protecting 58,000 acres of California redwoods and the Land and Water Conservation Fund was further beefed-up.
Democrats are famous for bringing forth such experts as Sally Fields (to explain the necessity for farm programs) and Bonnie Raitt (to explore the spirituality of California redwoods).
South Fork High School in Miranda, CA, is a rural high school in Southern Humboldt County, nestled in the Northern California redwoods. The South Fork High School Alumni Association is a division of the Southern Humboldt Schools Foundation that was recently created to do more than just keep former classmates in touch -- it will use the future website to centralize and formalize donations to the school in a way that will help raise funds smarter, not harder, said Colleen O'Sullivan of the alumni group.
The California Redwoods, playing at San Francisco's AT&T Park drew just 6,341 for their Oct.
He helped save the California redwoods, battled to stop the Sahara spreading, and was said to be responsible for the planting of 27,000 million trees.
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