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the soft reddish wood of either of two species of sequoia trees

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On October 2nd of the same year, his bill was signed protecting 58,000 acres of California redwoods and the Land and Water Conservation Fund was further enhanced.
The California Redwoods, playing at San Francisco's AT&T Park drew just 6,341 for their Oct.
He helped save the California redwoods, battled to stop the Sahara spreading, and was said to be responsible for the planting of 27,000 million trees.
Buckley,'' says actor George Wendt, 53, recounting his late-1980s experience as a guest at Bohemian Grove, reputedly the world's most exclusive power-broker retreat, tucked away among the majestic California redwoods of Monte Rio, where, away from the prying eyes of wives and the media, men may devise public policy (the Manhattan Project supposedly was conceived there) but also revel in frat-boy shenanigans.
html) often sell nature-themed holiday greetings with images that range from polar bears and California redwoods to Japanese cranes.
For example, environmental publications such as Buzzworm, E Magazine, and Sierra use computer typesetting machines and high-tech photography labs to help save California redwoods.
After an eight-day, 800-mile race on a route that will include the California redwoods, wine country and the Pacific Coast, they will approach the final stop on May 23rd in Thousand Oaks.
The United Football League officially unveiled its helmet art, which features the teams' primary logos, today for its four franchises -- the California Redwoods, Florida Tuskers, Las Vegas Locomotives and New York Sentinels.
editor: This month marks my 50th year in Mendocino County, now as a retired industrial consulting forester with an emphasis in California redwoods.
With Phase I Work Nearly Completed, Redwood Adventures Vacation Village Cabin Rentals Now Available at a Special One-Time Nightly Rate for Vacationers, Travelers and Outdoor Lovers Who Want to See Some of the Tallest Trees in the World - the California Redwoods - at the Newest National Park in the U.
The Florida Tuskers and New York Sentinels are training at the Citrus Bowl while the California Redwoods and the Las Vegas Locomotives are training at the Casa Grande Performance Institute.
This is the first of several player announcements for the California Redwoods that will be made over the next few weeks.
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