California quail

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plump chunky bird of coastal California and Oregon

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California quail and bobwhites are legal in Idaho, while Gambel's and Mountain quail are not.
Most losses affected newly hatched Pekin robin and California quail chicks, which also were the most numerous bird species in the flock.
In grasslands, listen for the fluttery, unoiled sound of California quail, then watch for their small ritualistic motions.
QUAIL SEASON: Gambel's, Scaled and California quail October 19 - February 10; Mearns quail December 7 - February 10; 15 daily limit of which no more than 8 may be Mearns quail.
31, but just two involve Western Oregon: Mountain quail and California quail seasons close in this half of the state Thursday.
This cocky little handful of brown feathers is my favorite, not because he is more handsome than the California quail, better to eat than the mountain quail, faster on his feet than the Gambel quail, harder to hit than the scaled quail or more difficult to find than the Mearns.
Natives range from the familiar California quail to such raptors as the golden eagle (look for the aerial acrobatics of its courtship behavior in early spring).
Outlook: The drought has alleviated considerably in Nevada, but it will take time for populations of Gambel's, Mountain and California quail to rebound completely.
She also was working on a more sedate nature scene: a square window showing a group of California quail. The border is made up of feather patterns in powdered glass.
One of the first terrestrial animals I pursued was California quail. Likely the first superannuated amphibians' hunting tools were primitive and so were mine.
And in Idaho's Hell's Canyon it's possible to flush chukars, gray partridge, California quail, ruffed and blue grouse.
They are: Western general season rifle deer, cascade bull elk, cougar, black bear, western gray squirrel, forest grouse, mountain quail, california quail, duck, merganser and turkey.
There were no chukars down this low, but Maggie did point and I managed a double on California quail with the Caledon.
Timely tip: Mourning dove, forest grouse, mountain quail, California quail and band-tailed pigeon seasons all opened Sept.
The valley quail's other name is "California quail." Why not hunt them in their namesake state?
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