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of Pacific coast of North America

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California poppies are lower-growing and daintier than poppies and hover above feathery foliage,.
* WAIT UNTIL MIDSUMMER TO SOW OR TRANSPLANT annual flowers like California Poppies, Cosmos and Cleome so they'll peak in early fall.
I had some flowers I had picked on the hill in a vase: bush lupine, California poppies, and some of the grass that grows here.
By planting flowers like the California poppies, corn poppies, marigolds, bleeding hearts, or calla lilies, the deer may go elsewhere to fill their bellies.
Rarely missed are a few orange California poppies in a field and nothing is more vivid than a whole field of poppies.
These are the plants with which we generally start gardening - cornflowers and love-in-a mist, clarkia and godetia, larkspur, pot marigolds and California poppies.
The mix is primarily comprised of California poppies, rose clover, African daisies, baby blue eyes, buffalo eyes, goldfields and tidy tips daisies.
California poppies Eschscholzia california typically orange yellow in colour, are now available in a range of colours and they flower prolifically from June to September frosts.
The UV-B-sensitive pollen came from sweet corn, rye, pears, pistachios, Montmorency cherries, California poppies, the Ultra Pink petunia, and a range of other plants.
Today more than 40 states have xeriscape projects, and because xeriscapes are based on climate, there is great variation: An upstate New York yard teeming with bee balms, sun-flowers, tulips, daffodils, grape hyacinths, snowdrops, and daylilies, for example, contrasts sharply with the irises, corn-flowers, yarrows, California poppies, and catchflies that thrive in Reno, Nevada.
Hiking trails have been cut through the middle of endangered clarkia habitat, groundskeepers at the golf course dug up a sand dune with endangered lessingia on it, and gardeners repeatedly mowed a hillside covered with wildflowers, such as tidy tips and California poppies, in an effort to reduce the danger of fire.
From June to October, the 3- to 5-inch blooms of California poppies stare out above their lacy foliage.
From a hotel group that has seriously stepped up its design game to a natural sunblock made from California poppies, these are the recommendations I share with friends.--Irene Edwards
Resurrection is California poppies. I'll explain in a moment.
YOU can sow hardy annuals such as nasturtiums, clarkia, alyssum, California poppies and sunflowers straight onto the border according to what it says on the packets.
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