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of Pacific coast of North America

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Instead, California poppies are a gentle reminder of the hot days that lie ahead.
At Laurel Canyon, Vietnamese artist Phung Huynh's work ``Lucky California'' features chubby, laughing Chinese cherubs frolicking among California poppies in one panel, among airplanes and oranges in another panel and also on the colorful terrazzo pavement sections.
On Saturday, the garden was filled with blossoms of several species, including yerba santa, milkweed, buckwheat, lupine and California poppies, some with stems four feet tall.
Today, you are just as likely to see California poppies growing in a garden in Liverpool or London as you are to see them in Lakeview Terrace or La Canada.
Bright orange from the California poppies, the purple of the lupines.
1) Rebecca Cohen, 10, rides her bike Wednesday past a patch of California poppies that grow next to the path along the Los Angeles River near Laurel Canyon Boulevard.
California poppies are always welcome, and I usually add a few seeds of my own to help them along.
Officially dedicated in 1976, the 1,755-acre reserve was set aside for the State Department of Parks and Recreation after a study found the site was known for its great abundance of California poppies.
Perhaps they are merely mimicking nature as, just now, orange California poppies and purple lupines are blooming together in open spaces and in gardens of native annuals.
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