California live oak

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highly variable often shrubby evergreen oak of coastal zone of western North America having small thick usually spiny-toothed dark-green leaves

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California live oak (Quercus agrifolia) and valley oak (Q.
But Coughlin also had her eye on what was essentially a blank slate in an almost 30,000-square-foot backyard under a grove of majestic California live oaks. "I love having vegetables just outside my door," she says.
It's been peaceful and stimulating to me to rest or to work among these California live oaks. Sitting beneath them, pleasantly guarded from summer's heat by their vast spreading shadows, came the inspiration for the production of "The King of Kings" and "The Ten Commandments."
Later we move out to trails that thread through the hills and under the California live oaks. All but a few drop their bikes.
Arriving in Los Angeles by aeroplane, or approaching the Getty citadel by freeway from north or south, by both day or night, the acropolian form is immediately visible - a massive stone, metal and glass complex crowning its hilltop and set among a grid of over 3000 California live oaks that otherwise cover the natural undeveloped slopes.
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