California fuchsia

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shrublet of southwestern United States to Mexico having brilliant scarlet flowers

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In the autumn of 1871, "far and high in the mountains" with bread gone, he feasted on manzanita berries "like a bear." Another time he followed the example of hummingbirds and sucked nectar from the long tubes of Zauschneria, California fuchsia. He also savored the sweetness of sugar-pine sap, preferring it to maple sugar.
"For instance, hummingbirds are attracted to coral bells and columbine in spring, scarlet monkey flower and salvia in summer, and California fuchsia in late summer and fall." If your garden lacks food during certain months, put up bird feeders.
Here they planted native shrubs, including blue sage (Salvia clevelandii), Matilija poppy (Romneya coulteri), and California fuchsia (Zauschneria).
Some plants, including California fuchsia, require a hard heading back to look their best.
Later, pink and white buckwheats (Eriogonum species), red California fuchsia (Zauschneria californica), blue penstemon (P.
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