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Mosquito-borne arboviruses in Norway: further isolations and detection of antibodies to California encephalitis viruses in human, sheep and wildlife sera.
Isolation and characterization of a California encephalitis serogroup orthobunyavirus from Finnish mosquitoes.
For instance, the California Encephalitis Project identified a group of patients with profound refractory seizures, accounting for 5% of all cases enrolled at this site (15).
Central nervous system tuberculosis (TB) was identified in 20 cases of unexplained encephalitis referred to the California Encephalitis Project.
Of these, 55 (71%) were California encephalitis (CE).
Persons with suspected cases are also tested through the California Encephalitis Project (1), which provides enhanced diagnostic testing for several viral agents that cause encephalitis, including WNV.
The associated California Encephalitis Virus Surveillance Program, which has been in place for more than 35 years (10), monitors mosquito abundance and infection rates as well as virus transmission to sentinel chickens.
When advanced diagnostic methods were used, the cause of encephalitis was identified for only 126 (38%) of 334 patients referred to the California Encephalitis Program from June 1998 through December 2000; no patients with arboviral encephalitis were identified (3).
In recognizing BAE as a type of encephalitis that might otherwise be undiagnosed, the California Encephalitis Project (1) has been screening selected serum samples from patients with encephalitis for evidence of antibodies to Balamuthia.
WEEV and California encephalitis viruses have been isolated from Oc.
Trivittatus virus is defined as a member of the "California encephalitis virus serogroup," but at least this week it is considered a serotype of the species California encephalitis virus (California serogroup).
A recent case of California encephalitis, a rare mosquito-borne viral disease, represents only the fourth ever reported and the first since the initial three cases in 1945.
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