Menticirrhus undulatus

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Synonyms for Menticirrhus undulatus

bluish-grey whiting of California coast


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7 (M) GOM 4+ 348 (303) Gulf Kingfish * 2 483 Northern Kingfish * 4 450-500 California Corbina Pacific 8 710 Atlantic Croaker Atlantic 7 521 GOM 3-5,8 369 Black Drum GOM 43 1500 Spotfin Croaker (d) Pacific 24 675-700 Red Drum Atlantic 33 1119 GOM 24 992 Queenfish (d) Pacific 12 (198) Yellowfin Croaker (d) Pacific 15 560 (313)-F Spawning- season Spawning duration frequency Species Region (mo) (d) White Seabass Pacific 6-8 -- Silver Perch GOM 3 1.
Growth charateristics of two southern California surffishes, the California corbina and spotfin croaker, family Sciaenidae.
The corvina, not to be confused with the California corbina, is one of the sea's four game fish.
Pondella (3) personal communication), and California corbina (Menticirrhus undulatus; personal observation).
clathratus) were classified as occasional (40-60% of occurrence), and California halibut (Paralichthys californicus), California corbina (Menticirrhus undulatus), and yellowtail (Seriola lalandi) as rare species with 20% of occurrence.
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