Menticirrhus undulatus

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Synonyms for Menticirrhus undulatus

bluish-grey whiting of California coast


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7 (M) GOM 4+ 348 (303) Gulf Kingfish * 2 483 Northern Kingfish * 4 450-500 California Corbina Pacific 8 710 Atlantic Croaker Atlantic 7 521 GOM 3-5,8 369 Black Drum GOM 43 1500 Spotfin Croaker (d) Pacific 24 675-700 Red Drum Atlantic 33 1119 GOM 24 992 Queenfish (d) Pacific 12 (198) Yellowfin Croaker (d) Pacific 15 560 (313)-F Spawning- season Spawning duration frequency Species Region (mo) (d) White Seabass Pacific 6-8 -- Silver Perch GOM 3 1.
Growth charateristics of two southern California surffishes, the California corbina and spotfin croaker, family Sciaenidae.
Pondella (3) personal communication), and California corbina (Menticirrhus undulatus; personal observation).
A greater proportion of California corbina (Menticirrhus undulatus) survived through the holding period, while greater than one-fifth of all impinged white sea bass (Atractoscion nobilis) survived.
clathratus) were classified as occasional (40-60% of occurrence), and California halibut (Paralichthys californicus), California corbina (Menticirrhus undulatus), and yellowtail (Seriola lalandi) as rare species with 20% of occurrence.
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