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North American condor

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The closely-related California condor, slightly smaller than its Andean cousin, has white patches on the undersides of its wings that are clearly visible in flight.
A number of people on the staff and people from outside organizations came to me and said, `Did you know the California condor is a native species?
Biologists from the US Fish and Wildlife Service, in cooperation with the Zoological Society of San Diego, the Los Angeles Zoo, the California Department of Fish and Game, and numerous Mexican partners, began ferrying six California condors from the Los Angeles Zoo to Mexico on August 12, 2002, flying the endangered birds by plane on the first leg of a journey to a remote mountain site where five will be released this fall.
Captive-breeding dilemmas often pitted the welfare of individual animals against the needs of their species: The last wild California condors were removed from their habitat to start a captive-reared population; black-footed ferrets were coaxed to ejaculate by having electric probes inserted in their anuses; experimental breeding in some species led to uncomfortable ailments in offspring.
While tremendous progress has been made in bringing the bird back from the brink of extinction, poisoning from lead ammunition is regarded as the single greatest threat to the continued recovery of the California Condor.
There are few endangered species whose road to recovery is more intimately linked to veterinary science and to the skills of veterinarians than the California condor (Gymnogyps californianus).
Its varied diet may have permitted the California condor, one of today's largest and rarest birds, to survive the mass extinctions at the end of the last ice age, according to a new study.
California Condor (Gymnogyps californianus) The Hopper Mountain NWR and adjacent Sespe Condor Sanctuary in the Los Padres National Forest of eastern Ventura County in southern California continues to be the area of focus for reintroduced California condors.
The California condor (Gymnogyps californianus), rising above one problem after another as it struggles back from near extinction, exemplifies the challenges facing the National Park Service's Intermountain Region.
Decimated by hunting, egg collectors, loss of habitat and lead poisoning, North America's largest land bird, the California condor, was until recently on the brink of extinction.
The zoo has also been a key player in breeding such endangered species as the California condor and the Arabian oryx for reintroduction into the wild.
On 19 October 2001, Interior Secretary Gale Norton announced that the Oregon Zoo was accepted into the US Fish and Wildlife Service's California Condor Recovery Program.
Last month, a California condor hatched on a remote California cliff (SN: 6/30/01, p.
We have designed a preserve using sound conservation principles and the best scientific knowledge we have to meet the needs of special habitat species and regional goals, including the protection of the California condor, the ranch's vast oak woodlands, and the unique biodiversity of Tejon Ranch," said Josselyn.
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