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North American condor

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In 1987, the Department of the Interior brought the extant, wild population of 17 California condors into captivity.
Working together, we hope to protect the many sensitive habitat lands that are home to the California condor and the largest unspoiled oak woodland in the state, as well as the critical wildlife corridor that links the coast to the sequoias," Holderman added.
The California Condor Recovery Program Plan (1996) calls for two geographically separate wild, self-sustaining populations each having 150 individuals, 15 breeding pairs and a positive rate of growth as well as a third population with 150 individuals in captivity in order to qualify for reclassification from endangered to threatened.
The California Condor Recovery Program was established in 1975 to reverse this alarming decline.
The agreement also mitigates Audubon's concerns that the wind turbines could interfere with the flight patterns of the endangered California condor.
The Ranch is also home to the California Condor and the largest unspoiled oak woodland in the state.
Since its inception in the 1970s, the California Condor Recovery Program has faced repeated challenges, controversies, and setbacks, but it remains focused on one goal: reestablishing healthy, self-sustaining populations of California condors (Gymnogyps californianus) in the wild.
Accompanying text documents the survival struggles of such familiar species as the California Condor, and the almost unheralded demise of those now gone, such as eastern North America's only parrot, the Carolina Parakeet.
The California Condor, in many respects, has come to symbolize the plight of endangered species across the country.
Because the Los Padres is home to the California condor, the plans are of particular interest to environmentalists who say protecting the endangered bird should be a top priority.
Once teetering on the brink of extinction, the California condor (Gymnogyps califorianus) is making a comeback thanks to the combined efforts of the Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) and its partners.
Northeastern Santa Barbara County is a feeding area for the endangered California Condor.
Conservationists captured the last wild California condor in 1987 near Bakersfield (SN: 4/25/87, p.
8, a wild-born female California condor, was the last female wild bird captured and will be the first of the original wild birds to be released, along with three Los Angeles Zoo-raised juvenile condors who will be experiencing life as wild birds for the first time.
Researchers at the CRES have not only had success with pandas, but also with breeding other high-profile species such as cheetahs and the California condor, to name just a few.
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