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North American condor

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The California condor is an endangered vulture species that lives in the western U.S.
The California condor is North America's largest land bird, with a wingspan of 9.5 feet.
The research was part of an ongoing push on the West Coast to reduce the use of lead ammunition by hunters to prevent lead poisoning of wildlife in general, and specifically to protect California condors and pave the way for their potential future return to historical ranges in the Pacific Northwest.
The California condor still relies on human intervention for its survival --the constant fight against lead poisoning, consumption of trash, loss of critical habitat and these bird's perpetual curiosity keep it on the brink of extinction.
Yet, 30 years later, some still debate those decisions and the future direction of the California condor recovery program.
San Ramon, CA, April 08, 2015 --( Sunset Development Company, planner and developer of the Bishop Ranch business community, has partnered with non-profit Save Mount Diablo as a California Condor Sponsor for 2015.
The act has aided in the protection of endangered species like the gray wolf, woodland caribou, and California condor.
sandersi (top) would have dwarfed modern-day fliers, including the California condor (bottom left) and the wandering albatross (right).
Fish and Wildlife Service, lead caused 34 percent of the 123 California Condor deaths from 1992 to 2012.
There is no better qualified team to produce this extremely skilled and comprehensive report on the history of the California Condor in the Pacific Northwest, and the prospects for its reintroduction.
The California Condor (Gymnogyps californianus) is a New World vulture, the largest North American land bird.
Under the Endangered Species Act, the California condor, grizzly bear, Okaloosa darter, whooping crane, and black-footed ferret have all been brought back from the brink of extinction.
Lead poisoning and the deceptive recovery of the critically endangered California condor. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 109(28):11449-11454.
The story turns on the possibility that the endangered California condor may be nesting in the very spot designated for development.
De la oscuridad profunda del canon, veo arriba un enorme California condor flotando, deslizandose, subiendo y bajando.
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