California coffee

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evergreen shrub of western United States bearing small red or black fruits

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California Coffee Company say the boxes belong to them, a claim denied by Retrouvius.
One of the newest arrivals on the Southern California coffee scene is the proud parent of the San Francisco Bay coffee scene, Peet's Coffee and Tea.
Thomson, now director of the Edinburgh-based California Coffee Company, said: "It was unsuccessful, but we're at the first stage and we will be appealing that decision.
But it was Gordon Thomson, right, who came up with the winning formula of turning them into coffee kiosks for his LEEL- sponsored start-up, the California Coffee Company.
For marketing advantage or minimizing possible front-end fees, California coffee companies and their suppliers are giving some serious thought to the innovative and recyclable packaging.
As the city yawns into life, I munch a fresh-baked scone and sip coffee from one of those trendy red California Coffee Co booths.
Defiant Thomson is appealing the decision but predicted his new company, called the California Coffee Co, would be a big success.
The 29-year-old works for the California Coffee Company, a local firm that has blended European and American coffee cultures to produce a success story with a very Scottish flavour.
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