California black oak

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large deciduous tree of the Pacific coast having deeply parted bristle-tipped leaves

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White fir and California black oaks showed the highest aboveground stem mortality in the burn areas (Table 2).
The landscape eventually gives way to grassy meadows and stands of California black oak and Oregon white oak on the eastern end, near LCC.
Oak (deciduous kinds, such as blue oak, California black oak, and scarlet oak).
Other new champs in the 300-400 point range include such familiar trees as California black oak (392 points, Tuolumne County, California), southern magnolia (358 points, Sussex County, Virginia), balsam poplar (341 points, Cheshire County, New Hampshire), and black cherry (338 points, Tazewell County, Virginia).
The property includes extensive and diverse oak woodlands, supporting the most northerly stands of California black oak and some of the best remaining oak savannahs and mixed conifer forests, city officials said.
So far the company has sent these types: 1972, commercial card of unknown wood type; 1973, Douglas fir; 1974, Sitka spruce; 1975, hemlock; 1976, Western red cedar; 1977, red alder; 1978, big leaf maple; 1979, bitter cherry; 1980 Port Orford Western red cedar; 1981, lodge pole pine; 1982, golden chinquapin; 1983, Pacific yew; 1984, Oregon ash; 1985, myrtlewood; 1986, cascara buckthorn; 1987, willow; 1988, tan oak; 1989, Oregon white oak; 1990, Pacific dogwood; 1991, Pacific madrone; 1992, black cottonwood; 1993, ponderosa pine; 1994, grand fir; 1995, California black oak; 1996, Western juniper; 1997, Pacific silver fir; 1998, redwood; 1999, vine maple; 2000, rhododendron; 2001, Pacific bayberry; 2002, KMX pine; 2003, American chestnut; 2004, incense-cedar; 2005, black walnut.
The deadly disease has killed coast live oak, tanoak, and California black oak and killed or sickened additional species ranging from bigleaf maple to evergreen huckleberry.
Dense patches of understory within mature stands typically consisted of small-dbh white firs (Abies concolor), incense-cedars (Calocedrus decurrens), California black oaks (Quercus kelloggii), or tan oaks (Lithocarpus densiflorus).
Since being identified in 1995, the disease has killed more than 100,000 tan oaks, coast live oaks, California black oaks, and Shreve's oaks.
About 100 species of plants are affected, including tan oaks, coast live oaks, California black oaks, and canyon live oaks.
Sudden oak death has killed hundreds of thousands of coast live oaks, tanoaks, California black oaks, and Shreve oaks.
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