California Personality Inventory

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a self-report personality inventory originally derived from the MMPI

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Personality was assessed through five widely used self-report inventories, as follows: California Personality Inventory (CPI) This instrument assesses 20 `folk concepts', `the kinds of everyday variables that ordinary people use in their daily lives to understand, classify, and predict their own behavior and that of others' (Gough, 1987, p.
As part of the Omnibus Survey conducted monthly by the Office of National Statistics, the California Personality Inventory (CPI) was completed in the summer of 1996.
As part of a British standardization of the California Personality Inventory (Cook, Leigh, & McHenry, 1997), interviewees aged between 16 and 64 were asked if they would complete the inventory, for which activity they would receive payment.
For the California Personality Inventory (CPI), estimates were drawn from unpublished investigations and factor analyses and from the results of North American studies by McRae, Costa, and Piedmont (1993) and Fleenor and Eastman (1997).
For the California Personality Inventory, those are in Self-control, Good Impression, Responsibility, Achievement via Conformance, Socialization, Well-being and Femininity/ Masculinity.
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