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Changing the Paradigm to Care was developed by an advisory board that included the Alliance for Better Medicine, American Diabetes Association, California Chronic Care Coalition, Latino Coalition for a Healthy California, and the Pharmacy Foundation of California, and is sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline and the TMJ and Orofacial Pain Society of America.
16 /PRNewswire/ -- Leading patient advocacy and provider organizations today launched the California Chronic Care Coalition (CCCC) formally supporting the Governor's key principles of health care reform, while working with all lawmakers to continue efforts that push for health care reform this year.
The California Chronic Care Coalition (CCCC) continues to advance its work toward meaningful and responsible health care reform with the launching of its consumer website: www.
It is for this reason that we are happy to participate with the California Chronic Coalition and support their vital cause.
Title: Northern California Chronic Care Network for Dementia Demonstration Project
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