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After meetings with the bill's author and sponsor, conceptual agreement was reached that California's existing burden of proof would not be changed and the increased penalties would only apply to actual tax evasion situations.
California's and America's political elites--Democrat and Republican--laughed when the movement to recall Governor Gray Davis, a Democrat, was launched a few months ago.
Because California has no counterpart to section 936(h), an excluded 936 possessions corporation that used the federal profit split on its federal return has audit exposure for California state tax purposes under California's version of section 482 of the Internal Revenue Code.
Only Scheer totally misses the mark, as capitalism isn't falling apart and has little to do with California's energy crisis.
California's non-insurance-company DRD similarly limits a taxpayer's ability to deduct dividends declared from income included in calculating California taxes (Cal.
PaineWebber chairman Donald Marron recently told CNBC that California's energy market needed to be re-regulated.
Only 5,000 of California's 270,000 garment workers are unionized.
The new champion Gowen cypress was found at California's Point Lobos State Park in one of only two remaining natural stands.
California's campaign reform veterans--Common Cause and the League of Women Voters--saw CalPIRG as an attractive coalition partner but saw its model as not well-suited to a state California's size.
Currently on the market is Charbono 1985, one of California's great vintages.
CalCPA is sponsoring AB 1868 (Bermudez), which would make substantial corrections to California's practice privilege statute that went into effect Jan.
But the battery technology required to fuel California's ZEV revolution has evolved much more slowly, and been much more expensive, than the law writers anticipated, in spite of massive public- and private-sector investment in the research effort.
An additional 520 have completed at least some of the courses -- good statistics given California's 2,300 dairies.
Of the two proposals, California's plan, drafted and promoted by Silicon Valley multi-millionaire Tim Draper, was the more far-reaching.
Franchise Tax Board, TEI urged the Court to review the case and strike down California's interest-offset rule for violation of the Constitution's Commerce Clause and Due Process Clause.
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