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The peninsula of California was settled in 1698, by the Jesuits, who, certainly, as far as the natives were concerned, have generally proved the most beneficent of colonists.
In approaching this deserted mission-house from the south, the traveller passes over the mountain of San Juan, supposed to be the highest peak in the Californias. From this lofty eminence, a vast and magnificent prospect unfolds itself; the great Gulf of California, with the dark blue sea beyond, studded with islands; and in another direction, the immense lava plain of San Gabriel.
Upper California extends from latitude 31 10' to 42 on the Pacific, and inland, to the great chain of snow-capped mountains which divide it from the sand plains of the interior.
He signalized his departure from California by blowing up Fort Mason.
California's skateboarders need safe places to practice their sport of choice.
In regard to your article about the greatness Gray Davis has done for gays in California, I beg to differ.
Next, the California attorney general asked the MLU agent to explore alternative solutions with Mexico's federal prosecutors.
However, as in California, legislators in Washington will ask for some caveats to the new ruling: Illegal immigrants who are accepted to the University of Washington will have to prove they are in the process of gaining legal U.S.
The campaign is being led by the California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB), Sacramento, and the American Plastics Council, Arlington, Va.
The desert tortoise lives in the sprawling California Desert Conservation Area.
For a few examples, Shasta Paper in Northern California, and Fox River Paper Co.
Heavier than normal winter rains in California have caused a super bloom of wildflowers in various locales of the state.
Thompson, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Many LLCs that are not connected to California other than via investment interests in LLCs that are conducting business in California are unknowingly not complying with California's filing requirements, especially if the California apportioned net income is small or a loss.
1031 by setting California relinquished properties and acquiring like-kind, non-California replacement properties will have to file a new information return (California 1031 information return) to track their deferred California sourced gain or loss.