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small common sandpiper that breeds in northern or Arctic regions and winters in southern United States or Mediterranean regions

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Afin de combler ce manque d'information, nous avons etudie les durees de residence et les habitudes deplacement de 17 becasseaux variables (Calidris alpina) adultes et de 17 becasseaux variables juveniles radio-marques dans le delta Yukon-Kuskokwim du debut aout au debut octobre 2005.
Mots cles : Dunlin, Calidris alpina, Alaska, mer de Bering, migration, escale, oiseau de rivage
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Conservation plan for Dunlin with breeding populations in North America (Calidris alpina arcticola, C.
Choice of microhabitat in tactile foraging dunlins Calidris alpina: the importance of sediment penetrability.
The ancient and distinctive mtDNA lineage present in birds breeding in central Arctic Canada provides a firm basis for their recognition as a separate subspecies Calidris alpina hudsonia, in line with earlier suggestions based on their geographic separation (Todd 1953; Maclean and Holmes 1971; Browning 1977; Greenwood 1986).
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The dunlin (Calidris alpina) is a common breeder all over the delta.
Comparisons of breeding range structure for dunlin Calidris alpina and curlew sandpiper Calidris ferruginea: Conservative and nomadic tundra waders.