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the act of checking or adjusting (by comparison with a standard) the accuracy of a measuring instrument

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With approximately USD 4.0m in annual revenue, AI's comprehensive service offerings include RF and electronic test equipment, physical, dimensional, thermal, flow and torque calibrations.
Analyzer calibration verification is a time-consuming, painstaking process that can disrupt the workflow of any laboratory and interfere with result reporting.
Remote witnessing is a new approach to calibrations that could be adopted to tackle this issue.
Labcell is now offering a comprehensive calibration service for the Decagon Devices AquaLab family of water activity analysers.
"TSL is the only laboratory in the North East with UKAS accreditation for these on-site calibrations. We obviously do not charge travel or subsistence, unlike laboratories coming into the area, therefore we can save companies hundreds of pounds.
Results of this research are obtained at the temperature of 20[degrees]C, with the same calibration method, operator and equipment, and cannot be used as reference for calibrations in variable conditions.
Quality managers and others responsible for maintaining the integrity of temperature and/or humidity chart recorders or data loggers can download a comprehensive guide to all aspects of instrument calibration at a new website provided by Dickson of Addison, Illinois, USA.
Strong calibrations ([r.sup.2] ranged from 0.93 to 0.97 for 51 samples) were obtained for basic density, bending strength, MOE, and compressive strength.
4 indicate how precisely the calibrations of the multimeters can be maintained by the established procedures.
While it is true that all facilities strive to provide the most accurate calibrations possible, there are some inherent differences in their performances due mainly to their method of traceability, physical configuration and operating conditions.
Model STQ-TO-12-U3-CKIT1 is an E-band waveguide vector network analyzer (VNA) calibration kit designed to work with industry standard network analyzers in the frequency range of 60 to 90 GHz.
Given that the tracking system can only record the position and orientation of the probe with respect to a world coordinate system (W), not the image plane with respect to (W), a probe calibration is required to obtain the rigid body transformation from the coordinate system of the ultrasound image to that of the probe ([sup.P][T.sub.I]) (Figure 1).